A teacher goes on a boat trip with his class  along the Brussels-Charleroi Channel, Belgium. The students are mostly african immigrants.

The class has to read the novel "Heart of darkness" by Joseph Conrad and then discuss it in class.

Half fiction, half documentary, this film throws light on the theme of colonialism and its implications in the relationship between African and European people.



directors: Chafik Allal, Claudio Capanna

production: Pacha Film 2012

Belgium 64' HD 1.77:1

writers: Chafik Allal, Claudio Capanna, Jean- Michel Vovk, assitant director: Nicolas Hanoteau, camera operators: Benjamin Morel, Fiona Braillon, film editor:  Laurence Vaes, sound: Jean-Luc Fichefet, sound editor: Philippe Fontaine, mix: Bertrand Leroy, set design: Laurence Halloy, music: Stephane Gregoire, Bertrand Leroy, making of: Mart Mager, voice off: Emilie Marechal

With: Jean-Michel Vovk, Salmata Ouedraogo, Marco Santoro, Rkia Zariouh, Mohamed el Mondjed, Mamadou Diop, Khalid Gouadi, Etienne Kaleme, Fanny Lewalle, Josephine Malo, Mami Sarr, Oumar Thiam, Abdeslam


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