A soldier is shooting at someone we don't see. Suddenly he stops ... He begins to try to tell himself, through memories and delirious thoughts, what he lived and what he is experiencing.

Atlante is a Film-Live inspired by the war in ex-Yugoslavia carried out at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan.


Italy | 10’ | HD | 2.35:1 | 2010




produced and directed byMattia Costa

writer: Alberto Basso

steadicam operator: Massimo Amato

with: Renato Avallone as the soldier,Yari Montemagno as the child

live: Cello Zeno Gabaglio

live sound design: Stefano de Ponti

voice off: Paolo Saporiti

set design: Roberta Malinovich, Piero Morelli, Alessandra Zanoni

assistant camera: Armando Avallone

make up: Valentina Tomljianovic