The "Castro" was an occupied building in Rome, Italy. A shelter for those left behind, for many people a home which none of them owned. For more than ten years it has been a chance of life for many families. Yesterday it was tolerated, today it exists no more. More than a year in the making to reveal the everyday life of a community living in extraordinary circumstances. The Castro is like a Tower of Babel telling his own story with a thousand infections but the same semantics: the denial of rights, the unresolved needs.


Public awards @ 57 Festival dei Popoli 2016

Gli imprendibili @ 57 Festival dei Popoli 2016 CG Entertainment @ 57 Festival dei Popoli 2016

Best film @ Faito Doc Film Festival 2017

Best Film in Lazio @ Doc/it Professional award 2017

Special mention @ MyArt Film Festival 2017

Tell about us: Unsung Film


director: Paolo Civati

cinematographer: Valentina Summa

production: Tangram Film

sound editor: Ludovic Van Pachterbeke

editors: Andrea Maguolo, Sara Zavarise

music: Valerio C. Faggioni

sound mix: Laurent Martin

Italy 82’ HD 1.77:1