At the age of 16 I started to discover the power of image. I spent a lot of time in a darkroom: contrasts, lights and shadows started to be the way I watched the world. After that I decided to move to Milan, to study and to work in photography. My attention shifted to the investigation of the image as a whole: how to frame reality and communicate to the viewer, how to release emotions. All of a sudden the single frame did not satisfy me anymore. Little by little I began to find much stronger the power of the moving image. Tell a story and how to tell it, in collaboration with other people. Together, with a single goal. So cinema became my purpose. Thus I moved again: for 10 years Rome became my house. I studied cinematography in Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia National school with worldwide known cinematographers and I started to work in features and documentaries films. 

Since then I never stopped to study the light and the ways to recreate emotions. 


VALENTINA SUMMA                                                                              
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