The reminiscence of a night spent walking the streets of Rome, the eternal city, following the steps of two young men: Vlad a street kid from eastern Europe and Cosimo the new boy in town. Both of them wander the city from side to side seeking redemption, deliverance, or may be just a hideout. They will find that they’re looking for is the feeling that bonds them together.




Kodak Award @ Valentina Summa for Best Cinematography in the short film competition” at the "International Festival of Short Films and New Images” Archipelago 2006


Nastro d’argento 2006” best short film award


Nomination for David di Donatello 2006 as "best Italian short film" 


Italy | 25’| 35mm | 1.85:1 | 2006



director: Francesco Costabile

production: CSC 2006

writers: Francesco Costabile, Devor De Pascalis

produced by: Grazia Sgueglia

original music: Rocco Centrella, Gianluca Licciardi

film editor: Stefano Mariotti

set designer: Giovanna Cirianni

costume disegner: Alessandra Stella

sound: Valentino Giannì

with: Cosimo Bani, Vlad Alexandru Toma, Sandrina Seserman