Dress like a Miracle

For Your Safety


Dress Like a Miracle, or, the new Italian cinema, produced by Krizia. Three multi-award winning young directors, Adriano Valerio, Irene Dionisio and Carlo Sironi, with three actors in their 30s, Elena Radonicich, Miriam Dalmazio and Lidiya Liberman, each of extraordinary talent and independent feminine charm. Fil Rouge, stories by Gianluigi Ricuperati, international novelist. The result is three powerful short films set in the Swiss Institute in Rome and Casa Mollino in Turin.

Let me in, by Adriano Valerio, with Elena Radonicich
The hide-out, by Carlo Sironi, with Lidiya Liberman
For your Safety, by Irene Dionisio, with Miriam Dalmazio

Italy | 3’04” | HD | 1:33 |2017


director: Irene Dioniso

production: Kino Produzioni 

cinematographer: Valentina Summa