The body of Love

Documentary series

L'ombra della madre | Todos santos | La prima volta

Even in atypical situations, when the body is an obstacle, men and women are moving towards an adult affective dimension: in search of happiness between relationship and sexuality. The documentary series The body of love tells these tearing stories, sometimes funny, stories.

Four small films focused on protagonists with motor or cognitive disabilities who face joyfulness and pains of sexual freedom. Because first freedoms that disabled people lost it's one's own intimacy. The series follows the four protagonists in search of a free and conscious sexuality, of independence, of self-discovery. A young woman in a wheelchair from birth, a disabled homosexual activist, an aspiring sexual assistant, a mother with a disabled child. The body of love tells a world in which what is apparently "atypical" is actually not atypical. 


directors: Monica Repetto, Pietro Balla

production: Deriva Film

line producer: Parsifal Reparato

editors: Federico Schiavi, Silvana Costa

cinematographer: Valentina Summa (3 episodes)

second camera operator: Antonio Demma

Sound: Luca Ranieri

Writes: Stella Biliotti, Monica Repetto, Pietro Balla, Teresa Lucente