The North Coastline of Sardinia. Castelsardo. A town made of wind and voices. During the Holy Week it becomes the stage of a fascinating ritual. The undisputed leading actors are the singers of the Santa Croce Congregation. A group of singers,of men. A unique aim inspires their motionless time: exit on the street and sing the Passion of Christ. Their voices are heard in the dark alleys, in the effort of going beyond the limits of the day by day life and humanity with the will of being redeemed through the voice. A world of men. Of men’s voices above which there is the One, ethereal, virtual, the Lady’s voice. The fifth female voice.


directors: Francesco Costabile, Assunta Nugnes

cinematographer: Valentina Summa

production: Multidea 2012

film editor: Stefano Mariotti

sound: Fabio Russo

produced by: Livia Barbieri

second camera: Sammy Paravan

Italy 80’ HD 1.77:1